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してみると四角な世界から常識と名のつく、一角を磨滅して、三角の内に住むのを芸術家と呼んでもよかろう。 夏目漱石「草枕」より

I suppose you could say that an artist is a person who lives in the triangle which remains after the angle which we may call common senses has been removed from this four-cornerd world. "THE THREE CORNERED WORLD" by Natume Soseki.



Installation Works

( Dangerous Banana )

( eidos )

( Mouse on the dishes )

mori - 鳥がいない
( The forest - Without a bird )

( Daydream )

( Look at a ceiling )

( maze )

( Solo exhibition at Baku )

滞在制作作品 in ライプチヒ
( A Port Town )

Die Verwandlung
( 変身 )

( Mokumokuren )

Documents, Interior works and Workshops

( Atelier Sankakudo )

( Break Ruins )

陶房 コネル
( conel )

( Bar )

( Pizzeria )

( Workshop )
( Beauty Salons )

( Workshop )

Art pieces

Mouse bones

Outlet buildings



melty clock

tatami button

spoon clip

Light man

Light bulb bottle



small house magnet

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When you see my web site, you find that almost all my works are not in museum or gallery. So I prefer to exhibit my works in townscape, shops and free space like an abandoned house. I do not avoid gallery and museum but usually Japanese people do not go to the museum and gallery so often. Gallery and museum are not included in human daily life in Japan.
Usually, I get incomes by interior design and renovating. And I do those works as a worker. But sometimes I make space as an artist. I only put such works in this web site. Each parson has own world view. If it give you grateful days, it is happiness. But some people have being trouble by fixed idea. I think, Art can break the fixed idea and present other world views. And if I aim to it, it is better to exhibit art works in townscape and mix it with human daily life. This is the reason why I prefer to exhibit my works such a place.
So keyword of my work is “change” and “present the other views”. I make many works with old stuffs, ruined materials and familiar refuses. On the human recognition, people have fixed viewing. For example “Clock is just a clock, refuse is just a refuse.” But on other viewing, clock is lump of gears. Also refuses and ruined stuffs have construction from many parts. Every existence exists like so. Sometimes I disassemble stuffs as a performance, sometimes I transform the stuffs to another existence to express the being of that stuff.
Every time I am thinking about how it is being and how relating each other. I like to analysis and resolve the being of stuffs like puzzle. So my Art works are one of pastime for me and people. If my works change your fixed view and inspire your life, it is glorious for me.


山本 晶大 - Akihiro Yamamoto


2008 - 2009 TOSA美術アカデミー
2009 - 2013 尾道市立大学美術学科(卒業)
2013 - 2015 広島県 尾道市にて活動
2015 - 2017 ドイツ ベルリンにて活動中

04.02.1988, Born in Kochi Japan.
2008 - 2009 Learned basis of Art at TOSA Art Academy.
2009 - 2013 Complete the Art course of Onomichicity University.
2013 - 2017 Residence in Berlin, Germany.

Solo exhibition
2012 The forest - without a bird: Komyoji-Kaikan Gallery, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2012 Daydream: Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2013 Maze: Idobata studio, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2014 Solo exhibition @ Gallery bar Baku: Gallery bar Baku, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2015 A port town: Das Japanische Haus, Leipzig Deutschland.
2017 Die Verwandlung: BERLIN-WEEKLY GALLERY, Berlin Deutschland.

Group exhibition
2011 A carrier pigeon: Jodoji-temple, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2013 Kage-nageru: Geusthouse Anago-no-nedoko, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2017 Mokumokuren: Shikano-town Tottori-prf in Japan.

2015 Make a small house!: Amakusa nursery, Amakusa Kumamoto Japan.
2015 Abbauen und Abwanderungswerkstatt: Das Japanische Haus, Leipzig Deutschland.

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